Another walk on the beach this morning with the dogs looking for agates.  Sandy and her mom were there again today.  I found two more agates and some interesting rocks that I decided were keepers.

20160116_080711 (2).jpg

Then like all my work days, I said goodbye to the tired dogs leaving them in the trailer and I headed to work.

The commute to the lighthouse was wonderful with sunny skies.  At the lighthouse, people kept coming for tours which kept Gloria and I busy continuously giving tours.  And they kept coming after 2:00 when we close for the day.  We stayed longer today letting people in to see the lighthouse.  Our line was:  “Tours end at 2:00 but if you want to take a quick look inside go ahead.”  Then we feel obligated to provide a bit of explanation and then there are questions.  So much for a quick look inside.   Our reward is the smile on their faces and their genuine thanks of appreciation.