After a three nights stay at the Valley of the Gods I had the itch to move on.  With the potential of rain in the forecast I moved to the Wind Whistle BLM campground instead of boondocking on dirt roads that could turn into a gumbo mess.   


View from my Wind Whistle camp site

From the Wind Whistle campground I took a drive to see the Needles Overlook.  It was an enjoyably simple drive on a paved road the entire way.  I was getting a bit tired of the challenges and unknowns of driving the dirt roads.   This was a good view point.  It dug at unknown emotions.  The view from the overlook was raw, expansive and untamed by erosional disposition smoothing the abrupt edges with topsoil and vegetation.

— Needles Overlook.  Click to enlarge.

— Needles Overlook.  Click to enlarge.

— Needles Overlook.  Click to enlarge.

Later I drove Highway 211 through Indian Creek Canyon looking for Shay Canyon.  It was gorgeous and the stop at Newspaper Rock was worth it.


Newspaper rock

I had planned to walk up Shay Canyon to see petrographs.  I found parking.  I found a trail sign.  And I also found no way to cross Indian Creek except by wading.  Taking off my shoes and wading over slippery rocks with two dogs on leashes pulling me gave me a vision of tripping and falling in the creek.   Keeping my shoes on also didn’t seem like a good option since I had only brought one pair of shoes on the trip.  Instead of exploring the area, I saved it for another trip.


  • The campground hosts at Wind Whistles told me that the campground had rarely filled during the summer.  The two nights I stayed there, there were four of us plus the campground hosts.
  • There is boondock camping before the Needles Overlook on the left side of the road as you drive to the overlook.  Lots of places to camp with a gorgeous view.  Map