I’m off; not to Montana as originally planned, but to the Owyhees. Too many wildfire in Montana made me decide to cancel the Montana  trip I had planned.  Maybe next spring will be a good time to visit Montana if there isn’t too much snow this winter.


My first stop is a visit with my brother and sister-in-law in Idaho (north of McCall) and to unload the big box in the truck.  The box contains a big antler chandelier I found on Craigslist in Seattle.

I arrived on Saturday night.  The next day  we drove up the Lick Creek Road and passed by the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary  where my sister-in-law volunteers.

Snowdon specializes in the rehabilitation of local wildlife inclusive of orphaned baby birds and mammals (including bears); and injured small mammals, songbirds, waterfowl, and raptors.  It is an incredibly unique sanctuary.  To keep the animals from getting use to humans, the facility is closed to the public except one day a year in late September.


Indy an educational Peregrine falcon

Currently there are six bear cubs at the sanctuary.  Last year there was 15 cubs at the sanctuary at one time.


Bear fence at Snowdon surrounding 2 acre rehab area


The brown ball in the middle of the photo is a bear cub in the rehab area.

Passing the sanctuary we drove up Lick Creek Road another 10 – 15 miles.  Gorgeous granite everywhere.



The Facts:

  • The Lick Creek Road starts at McCall and heads east on the south side of Payette Lake.  If you stay on the road it goes to Yellow Pine.  Yellow Pine, home of the Music and Harmonica Festival.  I haven’t gone to the festival; it is on my todo list.
  • There is various places to pull off the Lick Creek Road and camp.  Not stellar camping sites, but nice places in the woods.
  • Go to the Snowdon open house in late September if you are in the area.