When I asked people for  a recommendation of what to do around John Day, the first recommendation almost everyone made was that I should go to Strawberry Lake.

2019-10-15 13.43.26 2

Strawberry Lake

2019-10-15 11.57.04.jpg

Strawberry Lake

I was told to look for mountain goats.  I’m not sure which rocks have the mountain goats, but I didn’t see any on either rock.

Beyond and south of the lake is the waterfall.

2019-10-15 12.53.06 2

Strawberry Lake Falls

 The Facts:

  • The trailhead is south of Prairie City about 15 miles and starts at the campground.  When I drove the road the last few miles were in poor condition and I don’t think a passenger car could drive the road.
  • It is about 2.5 miles round trip to the lake.  About 5 miles round trip to the falls.
  • When I walked the trail, about 20% had slippery ice in the morning and slippery mud in the afternoon.
  • It is popular trail.  You most likely will not be alone.