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I’m off on a fall camping trip after too much thinking, analyzing, and twisting in circles about the pros and cons of going on a fall trip with covid19, wild fire smoke, leaving late in the year with shorter days and colder nights, and an old dog.  My final approach was: “Just go,” if it doesn’t work out I can just drive home.

Early morning. Fishtrap, Folsom Farm
My camping site at Fishtrap

My first camping spot brought a smile to my face.  Grand vistas unlike that of my home in Western Washington.  I stayed at Fishtrap, Folsom Farm a dispersed camping location by Sprague, Wa.  Then an “old dog” issue arose the first night.   Rocket had a major panic attach; I gave him his anti anxiety drugs, lots of hugs and in an hour he calmed down.  I was wondering if my trip would end soon, or what Rocket would think if I gave him more drugs than normal.  So the next day was modified from my original plan of leaving Rocket in the trailer as I explored Turnbull NWR.  I brought him along which meant no walking since it was too warm to leave him in the truck and he gets scared while walking and lays down.

Back at the trailer in the afternoon he seemed to have forgotten his panic attack.  He was happy to lay on the bed and take an afternoon nap. So, the trip will continue. Tomorrow is a new location.

The Facts:

  • I verified with BLM that camping is allowed at Fishtrap Recreation Area.  Their only concern was that I knew about banned activities due to the high fire danger.
  • At the Folsom Farm there is room for about five campsites. However, don’t worry about not finding a spot for the night. You can park at the trailhead parking lots. There is one right by the Folsom Farm turn off. And the Folsom Farm isn’t the only place to camp.
  • I liked Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge and I drove the auto tour.  There were lots of walks one could go on along the tour.  I took about an hour to drive the 5.5 miles and only saw one other vehicle.